Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctors Unaware of script costs

As per my normal morning routine, I was listening to NPR, and on came this interesting piece on med students learning firsthand about the costs of the scrips (audio is below at 4:15) and lab tests they write.

As the healthcare system works now, doctors are completely separated from the handling of their fees and the costs incurred by the patient from their scripts for lab tests and Rxs. Doctors perform their services, and hand the patient off the office admin, lab testing facility, pharmacist or insurance provider to deal with the payment/expenses.

What I liked about the initiative taken by Jefferson University med students is that the student run and funded clinic makes young doctors really think and evaluate any medical decisions their making for their patients, and question if the treatment they're providing is absolutely critical.

Personally, I believe that this conservative stance on health care, would be an overall fantastic new approach for the entire industry to take on. Cutting out unnecessary screenings, tests, and prescriptions could dramatically impact the rising health care costs and expenses. Hopefully, these young doctors will take this approach with them once they leave med school and start practicing it in the field, and hopefully rub off on their fellow professionals.

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