Who We Are

Insights and Innovation is the Planning and Experience Strategy team at RTC, a full-service WPP creative agency in Washington DC focused on building relationships between brands and their customers.

Current Contributors: 

Experience Strategist. UMD Terp. Ad strategist. Bringing brands and people closer together. Tennis player. Gadget nerd. Searching the digital world for people and ideas
e: dbenbassett@rtcagency.com
t: @benbassett919
b: lightbulb919.blogspot.com

Staci BrophySenior Strategist. Results-driven marketer keeping a pulse on the latest digital trends but equally passionate about food, family and good company.
e: sbrophy@rtcagency..com

Sara Collis: Marketing Director. Master of insight-driven, thought-provoking, problem-solving approaches. M.P.P. & B.S. Animal Advocate. Athlete. Foodie.

 e: scollis@rtcagency.com
i: in/sarawcollis
t: sarawcollis

Lian Han: Strategist. DC transplant with a love for new media and art. Trekkie-in-training.
e: lhan@rtcagency.com

Adeline Heymann: Strategist. Passionate about creating effective strategies and how users make online decisions. Photo geek and adventurer.
e: aheymann@rtcagency.com

Carlen Lea Lesser:  SVP/Director. Connector of people ideas and info. Marketer, geek, blogger, baker, tea drinker, and artist. UMiami.
t: @carlenlea
e: clesser@rtcagency.com

Lindsay Lam: Strategist. Fascinated about consumer behavior and understanding the “why” behind consumer choice. Fanatic about flowers.
e: llam@rtcagency.com

Nick Runyan: Senior Strategist. Working at the intersection of technology and culture to help brands and consumers connect in meaningful ways.
e: nrunyan@rtcagency.com

Past Contributors: 
We are fortunate enough to have some of the brightest and insightful interns and ZEDs write for treffpunkt during their time at RTC.

Rebecca Johnson (@digibec)
Chloe Ravat  
Maryanne Grant
Ruth Lim 
Remy Wainfeld
Delaney Gilman