Monday, July 26, 2010

Morning Reading: 7/26/10

Every morning I read Fast Company, Mashable, Culture By and All Things D on my way to work. Not to worry, I take the train and the bus. I also read the blogs on my Kindle, so there can sometimes be a full day back of articles to catch up on. It occurred to me that I should post the more interesting things I come across. I also may switch over to Pulse or something that will cache the blogs on the iPad so I can draft these posts in transit. Of course, I still really prefer reading on the Kindle. I don't know if I'll manage this daily, but here's a start.

This is definitely the big marketing news of the day, and probably the next few days. Instead of launching the new Ford Explorer via a splashy TV campaign, Ford is launching on Facebook.
The Big Deal: All clients seem to want to options now other than just huge TV investments. All eyes will be on Ford to see if this drives sales, not just eyeballs and chatter.
Classified Documents about Afghanistan War on Wikileaks
This is getting covered on all the blogs, except All things D, and all the news outlets. Mashable, Fast Company, NPR, NYT
The Big Deal: Many are calling this the new "Pentagon Papers." Possible implications on "whistleblower" sites like WikiLeaks, which seems to have crashed from all the traffic this morning.

U.S. Enacts Law to Quell Sale of “Conflict Minerals” to Electronics Companies
Do you know where the parts to your computer come from? Apparently the U.S. government doesn't think people should die so we can have an iPad.
The Big Deal: Huge win for human rights over consumerism. Reality is it could raise the price on cheap electronics.

This really isn't important, except that it's making the rounds and everyone is watching it.
The Big Deal: Knowing about it will make you look cool at the water cooler.
More random weirdness. I can't believe I need to know this.
The Big Deal: Knowing about it will make you look cool at the water cooler or just concern people that you don't really do any work.

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