Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning Reading: 7/27/10

Every morning I read Fast Company, Mashable, Culture By and All Things D on my way to work. Not to worry, I take the train and the bus. I also read the blogs on my Kindle, so there can sometimes be a full day back of articles to catch up on. It occurred to me that I should post the more interesting things I come across. I also may switch over to Pulse or something that will cache the blogs on the iPad so I can draft these posts in transit. Of course, I still really prefer reading on the Kindle. I don't know if I'll manage this daily, but here's a start.

Twitter adding videos and photos (Mashable,Fast Company )
This is huge enough to be carried by both Mashable and Fast Company today. And it is the HUGE trending headline on Mashable.
The Big Deal: Twitter is expanding its ability as a media service by adding features that third parties have created work-arounds for. The ability easily share photos and videos will make it more compelling to the masses.
I can't hold back my sarcasm. It's kind of amazing that Apple can get the media coverage it does. They don't need broadcast commercials. They have All Things D and Mashable, who will apparently report if Steve Jobs sneezes -- because it's cooler when he does it. On my way in the word was the Apple Store was down, which is a clear indication they are adding new products.
The Big Deal: It seems to be a new "Magic Trackpad," which could seriously help us all move past mice and the eveil trackpads on our laptops, and a couple of newer versions of their older computers.

Ask.com Relaunching as Q&A (Mashable, Fast Company, All Things D)
Poor Jeeves, always late to the party. Q&A sites peaked about a year and a half ago. Let's see if this latest effort to make us care actually works.
The Big Deal: It's a big deal if they manage to finally take some share of voice and become relevant.
Government Approves Google Apps (Mashable, Fast Company, All Things D)
Google Apps received government certification for sensitive, but not classified, materials.
The Big Deal: If it's good enough for .Gov, then it should be good enough for any corporation. Cloud computing may move to corporate America now.

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