Monday, July 19, 2010

Personal Injury and the Interwebz

So about 4 months ago, I suffered a sports injury while playing soccer on a turf field. As you can tell from photo, it was pretty bad and I spent a fair portion of my Sunday in the ER getting x-rays and hobbling around. Post medical treatment and “just in case” antibiotics, I choose to not immediately see an orthopedist and instead researched about knee injuries and, essentially, self-diagnosised myself with numerous Google searches, reading about signs and symptoms of different knee ailments, watching YouTube videos of people getting their knees drained, operated on, etc.

Long term, I did end up seeing my doctor, who within 5 minutes told me what I already knew “you really banged your knee.” Thanks guy.

While patients researching medical concerns/questions is nothing new, I realized that we (marketers) tend to think about it in terms of chronic conditions like depression, diabetes, cancer, etc. and medications. For people of my generation, the Millennials, who often times forego insurance, and tend to suffer more acute injuries, online information can be a fantastic resource for first response treatment steps, what to do next and educating yourself for when you do see a doctor.

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