Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Power of HTML5 and Google

With help from Google and HTML5, the latest tune from Arcade Fire "Wilderness Downtown" puts a whole new spin on location based content. The music video, optimized for Google Chrome, ask users to enter their childhood address for a personally tailored music video featuring Google Map photos of your childhood home and neighborhood. Here's mine, featuring NYC.

Aside from the song kicking ass, the music video includes pop up windows with various content, creating a dynamic and multi-TV experience. During the middle of you're prompted to write or draw a letter to your younger self, which you can then send out to "downtown" to potentially be played during an Arcade Fire show and shared with all video's viewership. You can also share your personally tailored music video with your friends.

Talk about a truly viral, technologically advanced and user engaging music video. You can read more about how the video showcases HTML5 and how the band used Social Media to promote their new album at Mashable

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