Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things that annoy me about Facebook Fan Pages

Recently I set up a fan page for a good friend and in doing so quickly realized what a pain they are. Things that annoyed me during this experience:

My question: Why can't I publish this fan page?
Facebook's response as interpreted by me: Sorry, first you have to create a personal profile. We waited to tell you this until after you had filled out all the sections of the fan page because we're tricky like that and we wanted to see if you could find that little button at the bottom.

My question: Can I change the name of the fan page?
My interpretation of Facebook's answer: No, not at this time...wait did you make a mistake? Sorry you'll have to live with it forever, because we didn't really expect people to ever make mistakes typing or anything, so we chose not to make that an option.

My question: Can I delete myself as Admin once I've added other Admins?
My interpretation of Facebook's answer: No, not at this time...wait you didn't want to be Admin of this page forever and ever? Being Admin of a fan page is a big deal, you should really have considered the commitment before creating the page.

My question: OK, I messed up multiple times, can I delete these pages?
My interpretation of Facebook's answer: Sure, but we're going to make it super hard to find that delete button... do you see it? How bout now? No, still don't see it? That's because we're hiding it...good luck...it's there somewhere, we swear.

I thought maybe I was just having a bad day...it was Monday after all, but I asked Rebecca the creator of our RTCRM fan page and she confirmed: fan pages = top notch tricky trickster user experience design.

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  1. update. One thing that doesn't both me about these pages is the ability to select tab which users land on. Just read through this list of top FB pages and started considering all the great "user-experience" opportunities for consumers...