Friday, August 13, 2010

When It Comes To Interns/New Hires Start With The Basics

Passing by @michellefares's desk today, I noticed an rtcrm notepad filled with descriptions and directions to our various office conference rooms (see above). Of course, I friendly berated (aka: asked) her about the list and, like a good older sister, teased her about having one.

Turns out that the quickie office tour that comes standard with starting at RTCRM doesn't do the trick when it comes to remembering which of our ten conference room is where. And really how could it? After mounds of paperwork, handshaking, etc. the last thing you remember on the first day is the conference rooms. You'll be luck if you remember where the bathroom is or how to operate the coffee machine.

So Michelle create her own little conference room cheat sheet, which she references everything she has to head off to a meeting. She even updates (as she did today) it when she learns of a new, hidden conference room (cough, Las Ramblas).

The whole cheat sheet interaction reminded me of a recent conversation I had with @carlenlea on how often companies forget that interns/new hires need to be taught the simple, everyday office functionalities, such as: how to use Outlook, what the office dress code is, where pens and notepads are, who runs petty cash, when the fridge gets cleaned out, why do we have Bagel Mondays (not that I'm questioning that move, because I love me some Cinnamon Raisin with Maple Walnut cream cheese.)

Now while managers should reexamine their new hire orientations so as not to overlook the basics, it should also be the responsibility of new hires to be honest about what they do and do not know.

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  1. Why thank you Rebecca. I once worked at an office that actually gave me a "seating chart" of where everyone's desk/office was located and it was SUPER helpful. Not that I'm hinting...