Monday, August 16, 2010

The Zen of the Exercise Ball

Photo courtesy of
'has a ball'
courtesy of 'istolethetv'

In an effort to improve both our minds and our postures, the Interactive Strategy is employing a traditional exercise ball. Everyday each one of us will use the exercise ball for 30 mins and then pass it on to one of our colleagues for them to experience the divine wonders and challenges the ball brings.

While balancing on the ball is a physical challenge, concentrating on one's work with this mental/physical distraction will, hopefully, make us sharper and more focused thinkers. Worse case scenario: we improve our core strength and are mildly distracted/challenged for a mere 30 mins of our work day.


  1. Will you share upstairs, or just the downstairs crew?


    Wonder if it's high enough for me to reach my desk while sitting on it?

  2. Too bad I hogged the ball today. I've been sitting on it for 4 hours. Yeah for me! Sorry to all of you.