Friday, September 24, 2010

20 Interesting Things: QR Codes

20 Interesting Things: QR Codes

We're exploring interesting intersections of digital and print. We started looking at the super cool stuff people are doing with augmented reality, but that's honestly not something most brands are even close to ready to explore (and it could end up the Second Life of 2010).

Then we decided to start looking at QR Codes, a great but very over looked technology. It's kind of the RSS of convergence opportunities.

Of course part of the problem is the format war between QR codes, which are an open standard, and several proprietary formats. C'mon people haven't we learned with VHS/Beta or HD-DVD and Blueray? Don't kill cool tech with proprietary approaches!!

In poking around, I found this nice review of interesting uses of QR Codes on SlideShare created by David Stutts.

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