Monday, September 20, 2010

Bringing Your e-Reader To The Beach? I Think That's A Bad Idea

Not sure about the rest of you beach goers out, but as hard as I try to not bring any sand back with me, I inevitably do. It never fails that some small collection of sand works its way into the smallest of the most peculiar places, like the top of the sunblock bottle.

Given the efforts I take to keep the sand at the beach, I was immediately perplexed by this recent Amazon Kindle commercial. In fact, my first reaction was "What a preposterous scenario. If you bring your Kindle to a beach, you're just asking for sand to get stuck in the keyboard. I would never do that."

There's a reason paperbacks and magazines sell so well at the beach. It's because they're cheap and destructible, unlike electronics (laptops, mobile phones, walkmen, CD players, iPods, etc.) which just don't play well with sand, sun and surf.

So Amazon, next time you want to tout how fabulous the Kindle reads in the sun, perhaps it would be best if you choose an activity that one, doesn't put your product in peril and two, is a plausible use scenario.

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  1. I don't hit the beach much. I wonder if the keyboard is sealed?