Thursday, September 9, 2010

Would You Wear This?

While surfing the web last night I came across the latest intersection of fashion and technology: the Cell Phone Dress. According to manufacturer Cute Circuit, the dress is a wearable cell phone and integrates the SIM card and antenna into the fabric. You can answer a call by talking into your sleeve, where the receiver tech is built into the cuff.

It's not perfect by any means - the phone has no interface, so you can't see who's calling, and you can only dial out one number - but it's definitely an interesting idea to think about. A little research on Cute Circuit showed that it's a London-based company that ties technology and fashion into its design aesthetic. While you can't purchase the M-Dress there yet, you can buy the Twirkle Shirt, which incorporates LED lights. They also are the creators of Katy Perry's light-up Met Ball dress.

What do you think, would you guys wear the cell phone dress out?

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