Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Document my entire life please...

I've seen a lot of photos of newborns on Facebook recently. Literally, NEW-BORN, still in the hospital, sometimes minutes after birth. For the parents I totally get it: They're excited, camera-happy and eager to share. But for those babies, they have a Facebook presence before they are a few hours old. Their entire lives, from day 1, could be documented online. Between their parent's profiles and their own, that's a lot of "life story" online. I thought about what this might do to change our culture:

1) Birth certificate? unnecessary. It says right there on Facebook when you were born, anyone can look it up.
2) Dating? unnecessary. Everything you need to know about someone, including what they looked like minutes after birth, is available at your leisure.
3) Birthday gifts and cards? unnecessary. Wallposts and "gifts" totally suffice, why waste money on postage and hand written thoughts?
4) College applications? unnecessary. Every sport you played, party you went to, instrument you hated, is online. Instead of filling out a lengthy application, one should just include a link to your Facebook profile and that of your parents. Best to include both, so not a minute of life gets missed...

I'm sure there's plenty more. I welcome your thoughts...and fears for mankind...

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