Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Promoted Tweets Make Their Way Into Third Party Platforms

I'm a loyal and outspoken supporter of using TweetDeck. The platform makes Twitter life (following people and events, posting from multiple Twitter handles, searching the Twitterosphere, etc.) easy and manageable.

While I recognize that TweetDeck relies on Twitter's API to function and provide its service, I for some reason thought TweetDeck would be immune to Twitter's slow incorporation of promoted (paid) content. I'll admit there was definitely some part of me that thought I was being super smart and had outwitted the Twitter advertisment movement by solely using TweetDeck and ignoring

However, I was proved wrong today when I logged into TweetDeck, scrolled to one of my favorite features, the "Trending: Worldwide" column and found a grotesque and irrelevant "Promoted" tweet at the top of the list. Sigh....Twitter, at the very least serve me a promotion that I'm actually interested in or relate to, don't just simply crowd my trending topics list.

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