Thursday, October 21, 2010

YouTube Videos: Highlighting The Ridiculousness of Political Ads

With the 2010 Election rapidly approaching, you can't turn on your TV without being bombarded with political ads. Often times these ads are stacked one after another, making breaks feel like one long political commercial diatribe. As we get closer and closer to November 2nd, the commercials have become more accusatory and inflammatory, sparking debate in the news around the legitimacy and accuracy of these ads.

Aside from appearing on local, regional and national TV, these ads are also posted on YouTube allowing supporters to share them and embed them on their blogs. Posting on YouTube also enables users to download, re-edit and rip-off ads. Of course, YouTube also allows users to post their own original political ads. One of my favorite absurd and sensationalist ads comes courtesy of YouTube user InWinnipegMB.

Now while the first 12 seconds of the ad might have some legitimate claims against Mr. Katz, the second half suggests that Mr. Katz is running on a re-election platform of kicking kids in the face. I think we can all fairly assume this is not true and that the video is meant to poke fun at how ridiculous and absurd political ads have become. While political ads have always walked the very thin line of what Stephen Colbert calls "Truthiness," there is now the expectation that negative political ads will say whatever they can get away with, no matter how absurd irrational the claims may be.

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