Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Bold. Be Daring. Shoot for the Moon.

I tend to get asked to grapple questions like, "how should we use Facebook?"  Sometimes it's more open ended questions like, "what's the next big thing going to be?"   Or even, "what do you think of XYZ new thing?"  One of the reasons we changed the name of the department from "Interactive Strategy" to "Digital Integration & Innovation" was to try and help steer conversations in the right direction.  Move back from tactics and tackle things from the beginning and more holistically.

This presentation is a step in that direction.  It was inspired by questions Joe Shields, from Pfizer, crowdsourced to the attendees at ePatient 2010. I was inspired because they were good questions, and as someone who also was starting an "innovations" oriented role, I realized they were the type of questions I needed to be thinking about.

Much thanks to my colleagues Croom Lawrence and Nicole Franklin at RTCRM for collaborating on this with me.

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