Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bar Codes Gone Wrong

[reposting this from my personal blog because it is just too good]

Now, I'm all for celebrities using their fame for a good cause. And I agree that fighting AIDS in Africa and India is a serious topic. Heck, I even think bar codes are pretty cool. But none of those opinions give me the urge to use my cell phone to scan Kim Kardashian's cleavage in a magazine ad:

I saw this while flipping through Lucky Magazine the other day, and it's interesting that print media is making an effort to adopt mobile technology to reach more people. But in my opinion, this is one case where the point of the ad is completely obscured. Thoughts? Does something like this make you look closer at the ad and the cause, or will you have forgotten everything about it except for Kim Kardashian by the time you flip the page?

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