Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gowalla: Go Time for Gowalla 3!

Gowalla: Go Time for Gowalla 3!

What's Gowalla have in store for us?

I have to say that I think Gowalla, the far less publicized cousin of Foursquare, is a far far better way to explore cities and destinations. Foursquare seems like it's all about earning fake status, even though that was never their intent.

I started playing with Gowalla recently and I really like the experience a lot more. It's so much more clearly about exploring your city or some where you are traveling to.

I hope that they, Gowalla, expand the check-in notion so I can say where I've been that day -- not just where I am now. I don't really like necessarily announcing to the world that I'm not home, especially if I'm away on vacation for several days, but I do like the idea of getting to record what I did on my trip through a service like Gowalla.

Flickr has acted as my virtual scrapbook for years. I think Gowalla could become a great new addition for me. So here's hoping Gowalla 3.0 (and beyond) continues to grow in the discovery and experience sharing model.

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