Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Reads from FastCo

I really do appreciate how much I get out of  This morning was a bevy of really good stuff that everyone should read.

Sofa-Friendly iPad Reading Could Eat Into Primetime TV's User Attention
The iPad effect.  Are people actually reading again instead of just watching TV?  Looks like they may be reading Web pages and books on iPads. What they don't know is if they are dual-screening or just reading.

"Alone Together": An MIT Professor's New Book Urges Us to Unplug
Not an anti-technology rant, but rather showing frighteningly addicted we've become to digital reassurance of our status in the world.  I added this to my reading list, but I'm afraid it will be really depressing.  From the sounds of it, people are living lives of such quiet desperation that they live for mystery of what the next text message contains.  Bonus points to author Sherry Turkle for managing to equate this to actions in a Jane Austen novel.  Seriously.  That part just made me happy.

British Health Technology Entrepreneurs Courting Silicon Valley's Heavyweights
How a Breakthrough in Hysterectomies Could Lead to Better Family Photos
The latest ground in healthcare is technology and a lot of people seem to be figuring this out.  Two articles from the past couple of weeks really showed the innovation and potential business possibilities if we leave our comfort zones.

Pac-Man Reboot: In the Bio-Arcade, Microorganisms Change Gameplay
Healthcare and science gaming seems to be all the range these days.  This was a totally new twist on it.  In this case Stanford University scientists are actually micro-organisms as part of the game.  Weird, and raises ethical questions even if they are only using brainless paramecium.

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