Thursday, February 10, 2011


# 3 Best Buy – Ozzy Osbourne & Justin Bieber
Best Buy was able to attract the young tech savvy guys by blending a hot new star wildly known and despised by this group, Bieber, and the classic beloved icon Ozzy Osbourne. This combination proved to be a clever way for Best Buy to spend millions and millions of marketing dollars.

In the commercial, Ozzy is seen replaying that famous line that he used in a FUSE.TV interview, “Who is Justin Bieber?” – that’s a little cleaned up from what he actually said. The ad was also able to play off the fact that many people in Best Buy’s target demographic often poke fun at Bieber for looking like a girl. This huge company showed us that they have been able to penetrate the minds of their consumers and can relate to them even though they are a huge chain. Solid Job.

# 2 Commercials
These commercials have been heavily criticized for their “distaste and lack of empathy for serious issues”, but you have to admit they were kind of funny or at least memorable. And that’s exactly what was striving for (It gave me a reason to check out their website). 

This ad is obviously not appealing to everyone even though it had my roommates and me in a fit of laughter for a couple minutes. My mother did not find them very funny, but if you ask her what is, she could tell you because she checked out the website. The ad successfully grabbed the attention of its younger male target audience (and more). It gained huge exposure which is important for web based business. It is also nice to see that on the top of their homepage they actually enable visitors to donate to Tibet, taking the steam from their critics and adding a sly bit of irony to it all. 

 # 1! Volkswagen – Darth Vader
Maybe it’s because I had a dog named Darth Vader as a kid, but this ad resonated with me on so many levels. This ad portrayed the modern American Dream to the audience and was able to provide one of those unforgettable moments that can put a smile on the meanest of faces. 

Volkswagen’s goal for the coming years is to become “closer to their customers”. This is probably as close as they get to the mindset of the target audience, middle to upper class suburban families. This was a near flawless representation of how a company can attract its target audience, and may have been the only commercial that was worth $3,000,000+.

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