Monday, February 14, 2011

Ken ♥s Barbie...and I ♥ a great multi-channel campaign!

Today is Valentine's Day, so it's appropriate that the subject of this post is one of the greatest love affairs in modern history: Barbie and Ken. The duo has been an American power couple since 1961, but a high-profile split in 2004 left them to each go their separate ways. In January and February of 2011, however, Ken went on a mission to win Barbie back - while engaging with as many fans as possible along the way. The good news is: it's Valentine's Day and he has succeeded!
This digital campaign was created by Mattel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ken doll, and makes heavy use of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. It even features a series of webisodes on Hulu. In particular, I really like their home page. The site does a great job of aggregating user comments across social media platforms to pull together a fun and engaging site. Check it out:

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