Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney Does The Microsite Well

I'm not in the habit of clicking banner ads. Why you ask? Because the banners ads I get are generally either for medications/medical conditions that I'm researching for our pharma clients or for cars that I have no interest in buying (currently, I have no need to buy ANY car). 

Despite this track record, I was recently presented with a Bambi Diamond Edition banner ad that posed both the opportunity to explore the digital prowess of behemoth Disney and to reconnect with an old childhood movie. So I thought "Why not?"

As I moved my mouse over to click through the banner, my expectations were fairly established; the next thing I'd see would be landing page that paid off on the banner's call-to-action (CTA) "Buy The Bambi Diamond Edition!"

To my interactive experience pleasure, Disney's Bambi site blew me out of the water. Talk about surprise and delight, this site offers hoards of Bambi related value adds, such as: lessons on how to draw Thumper, Bambi-themed snacks to eat during the movie, movie-related crafts projects, clips detailing the characters, free poster offers, activity pages, wallpaper and buddy icon downloads, a Bambi online video game, Bambi related products like stuffed animals and more. 

The Bambi Diamond Edition website is an excellent example of how digital properties offer brands the opportunity to create rich, interactive experience with consumers that go beyond the expected and stay with them once their internet session is over.

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