Tuesday, July 5, 2011

POV: Out of the .Com Era

In our latest POV, the Dii team did an in-depth analysis of ICANN's decision to open up top-level domain names (.com, .org, .net) to the imagination. Starting in early 2012, companies will be able to make their URL essentially .anything. Not everyone will be allowed a fancy new name however, only established businesses and organizations can enter ICANN's lengthy and expensive application process.

These changes have a huge impact on the state of the Internet if they become the norm in the next few years. On one hand we could see campaign or slogan themed URL's like "droid.does" or industry themed niches like ".auto" or ".kids"; on the other, a confusing and disorganized Internet made up of an infinite number of unique addresses. ICANN believes these changes will revolutionize the Internet, but critics remain wary.

We're certainly curious if and how brands will make use of these new possibilities. If you're as interested as us, read the full POV for more details.

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