Thursday, October 27, 2011

YouTube Town Hall: A Fun Way to Educate Yourself on the Issues

I just recently discovered YouTube's Town Hall channel, and I think it's a great comprehensive and approachable resource for people to educate themselves on the most relevant political issues. YouTube Town Hall features videos by members of congress across the Democratic and Republican parties explaining their positions on various issues, including the Economy, Budget, Health Care, Energy, Education, Afghanistan, Immigration, and Transparency. In the debate section, users are presented two videos from members of congress with opposing positions. The speakers' political affiliation isn't shown until the users select the video they support. The platform is neutral, representing all positions across the different parties, and encourages users to form their own opinions on the issues, regardless of party affiliation.
In the Leaderboard section, users can watch the most popular videos of the month and all time. Users can even submit questions to Town Hall--each month members of congress will answer a selection of the top-voted submitted questions. I enjoy the platform because it is interactive and engaging, and most importantly, encourages education on the most important issues just in time for the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

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