Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If It's Awesome....

When Google+ launched I thought, "not another freaking social network I have to join."  Actually I think everyone on the Dii team had the same reaction.  No one wanted to join another network, even though we do this for a living.  At the time I just figured I was at social media overload.

Pinterest is awesome.
But then, Pinterest came on the scene and my reaction was "SQUEEE!!!!"  I was really excited about it.  It was visual.  It was unique.  It made me happy.

As I'm seeing more and more people jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, I'm realizing that there's always room for more.  That is, there's always room for more if it's different  and awesome.  Google+ is just trying to take people from Facebook.  It's really not offering anything new other than a less-crappy way to organize the people you are connected to.  For it to be fun or useful at all, you had to know other people using it. Pinterest is awesome from the get go.  It doesn't matter if you know other people on it.

My message to people trying to create the next Facebook is STOP.  Do something new.  Do something unique.  Offer me a wafer thin slice of doubly chocolate chocolate cake with some kind of crazy foam on top. Do that and we'll all come play.  Try to be the next Facebook, and I'm already bored.

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