Monday, December 12, 2011

"hey buddy, it's getting a little wet in here..." - Your Basement

Remember those moments when you wished that your basement would just somehow tell you when it's flooding or your washing machine would just holler when your laundry's done?

Well, say hello to Twine - Twine is an unassuming, small blue brick which connects to Wifi and comes with built in with sensors that monitors temperature, motion and moisture levels in the environment. Users can program their Twine to send them alerts via text, email or twitter whenever the programmed environmental conditions are fulfilled. (e.g WHEN moisture sensor is wet, THEN tweet "basement is flooding!")

Most importantly, the beauty of Twine lies in its really simple webapp, Spool, which allows users to program their Twine in human language (Thank you Steve Jobs for showing tech geniuses how to humanize technology for the benefit of us lesser beings!), as well as the fact that the functional possibilities of Twine are endless as new sensors can be added anytime.

Also, operated by basic AAA batteries that would keep Twine running for months, Twine would even send you an email when the batteries are running low.

In addition to helping users to perform their household chores more efficiently, I definitely see Twine as an afforable solution which people can use to help keep their home safe. For instance, Twine can be used to alert users on natural disasters such as earthquake, floods or fire with its motion, tempreture and moisture sensors, or even when someone is tempering with their doors in the middle of the night.

To get a more detailed description of how Twine works, see here and here.

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