Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don’t just tell me to like your Facebook page…

…tell me what I can get if I like your Facebook page.

Bombarded by infinite choices and promotional messages of “Sale!”,” Deals!” and “Discounts!” left, right and center, it is no wonder that consumers today are always on the lookout for the best and newest savings/discounts/deals before making a purchase.

In the era of e-commerce, consumers have taken this behavior online and are quickly discovering that social media is a major source for them to get coupons, discounts, or even the latest information (however, liking a brand on FB for the newest information usually only works for brands with a strong fan base) from brands across all industries.

According to a survey by CMO Council and Lithium(LINK), approximately 65% of consumers connect with brands on social media “for the games, contents and promotions”.

This sends a message loud and clear: reward consumers who follow you on social media, and reward them instantly.

(No coincidence that I located these Facebook pages by clicking on the brands that my friends have ‘liked’ on Facebook just minutes ago.)

I think this goes to shows that most consumers aren’t very selective about the brands that they choose to like as long as they benefit from liking the page. This means that new or relatively less well-known brands can get people to like their Facebook page by providing attractive rewards; while conversely, household brands should not count on product loyalty translating into Facebook page likes.

…unless of course you are a brand with a strong cult following such as Coca-cola, Disney and Starbucks (the three brands have an average of 32 million likes despite not having any incentive for people to like their page).

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