Monday, July 30, 2012

A Beautiful Visualization of the Internet

At RTC, we love infographics. They're informative, useful, and generally very attractive from a visual standpoint. This morning I stumbled across an interactive map of the internet and it's 350,000 some odd websites. It looks like a map of space, with each website drawn to scale based on it's size, and it allows you to zoom in and out to really explore the different websites out there. Honestly though, I wanted to share this because it's simple, clean, colorful and a bit of a time-suck.

One note, before you go off and kill 30 minutes on the site, there is a disclaimer that pops up upon entrance. Throw the author a few bucks for the artful completion of what was surely a tedious task, or click "donate later" and that's all it takes. 

Happy mapping!

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