Monday, February 4, 2013

Yeah Ponies!!! Budweiser wins the Superbowl.

UPDATE: It turns out this ittle-bittle Colt is actually an ittle-bittle Filly, even though she played a "brother" in the TV spot. And after a widespread response from social media fans, she now has a name. It's HOPE! hi Hope!

Yeah Poniess!!! Or shall I say an adorable foal, who grows up to be a gorgeous draft horse.
Budweiser's heartfelt Superbowl spot, "Brotherhood", about the Clydesdale that recognizes the man that raised him in a a sea of people, made my lower lip quiver. It also won out as the top Superbowl ad, edging out Tide's "Miracle Stain" spot (USA Today) .

The foal, an unnamed super-duper-cutey-face, was only 7 days old at filming. It took me a while to track down the info, but he is in fact a little man, not a little lady. The little guy was born on January 16th (mlive) just enough time to film for the Bowl. Which makes us wonder how quickly they cut and edited that spot. The Agency that was likely up all night to make this happen? Anomaly, NYC.

Budweiser started asking fans to name the foal before the Big Game (#Clydesdales) and are still seeking ideas on both Facebook and Twitter. They also have been posting the best little guy pics I've ever seen. (All pics courtesy of Budweiser's Twitter page)

 Haven't seen the winning ad yet? Grab some tissues and Watch it here!

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