Monday, May 20, 2013

Scratch 'n' Sell

Via the fascinating Ads of the World: Nissan has created a tablet-specific advertisement that manages to stop users in their tracks (well, in their page flips). I don't want to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that it capitalizes on the natural swiping motion used to navigate tablet apps by using it to bring viewers into the ad itself. 

Take one minute to watch it, and then scroll down. Warning: if seeing cars get scratched makes you squirm, you may wish to sit this one out.

Have you seen it? Good. 

So let's talk for a second about what I, personally, love about this ad and think makes it work so well. 
  1. It manages to capitalize on an action, the finger drag, that's endemic to both the car (scratching) and the tablet (swiping). In that sense, it's almost a visual pun.
  2. It's totally disruptive to the iPad experience without being annoying, largely because of the cleverness of its conceit. Was I reading The Economist? I don't even care, I am so amused by this.
  3. It's incredibly simple - no fancy sounds (well, except for the scratching noise), no animations or blinking lights. Aesthetically, it's certainly a match for its media buy, and it also positions Nissan as a company that doesn't need bells and whistles - its product (like this ad) speaks for itself.
What are some of your favorite iPad advertisements? Why do you like them?

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