Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mobile America - Evolution of the Outlet

As our world grows more and more to focus on mobile devices, there's a growing issue that a few are trying to help us solve.

Not. Enough. Outlets.

Homes and offices weren't designed to accommodate the amount of gadgets we all have now, and how portable they all are.  And let's be honest, how lousy the battery life is on many of them.

Thankfully, Dupont Corian is on the case.

Photo from Press Release

Imagine redoing your kitchen and adding in a counter top that is not only beautiful and scratch resistant -- but also acts as a charging station!  That's right.  Just drop that iPhone anywhere and it charges.

This is a huge improvement on the charging mats that exist today, and I'm sure is a sign of future things to come.  Apple is certainly trying to give us a wireless world.  Now I'm envisioning charging tables, counters, and walls built right into my home or apartment.  Even better, if airport lounges had built in charging panels in the arm rests of chairs!

What do you think?  Is this approach the wave of the future?

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