Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS7 - Maybe I'll Wait

I've been very amused to see many of the reactions to iOS7 across the interwebs.  Two particular favorites stand out.  Since I was a child in the 70s and early 80s, I can't help but be amused by all the Lisa Frank references.  Not amused by the ones who add words like "estrogen," as though it's an insult.

So what if Apple is reaching to the ladies by reminding us of the stickers collected when we were 10.

from Tumblr, but no on seems to know where....

While I'm pretty geeky, I've long learned that I have no desire to be the 1st to own a new device or upgrade to a new OS.  Better to give it a few weeks (months) to shake out the bugs!

Of course there's another reason I won't be getting my hands on iOS7 any time soon.  I'm on an antiquated iPad 1.  Yes this ancient device, released so many years ago (a whole 3 years ago in 2010) can't upgrade past iOS5. So to get this magical, sparkly, new girly operating system -- first I have to shell out $500+ to get a new iPad.

I suppose I could update my husband's iPad, but he's not so much into change for change.  I have slight fear that he's turn into the 40(ish) year old version of this.

6 year old boy reacting to iOS7

Let's be honest -- a lot of people are having this reaction these days.  It's pretty much what happened to me when my phone upgraded to Jelly Bean.  Suddenly, I couldn't figure out how to answer a call!  That needed to change, why?

Not having my hands on a new iOS7 device, I can't say whether or not the new OS is really an improvement, but it does mostly feel like change for change.  Apple didn't have anything new to show, and just adding great features like fingerprint scanning security wouldn't seem sexy enough for the stockholders, media, and fanboys, so they overhauled something that probably didn't need to be overhauled.

Yeah.  This seems like change for change, so maybe I'll just wait.

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