Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two New Options for 3-D Printing

Springwise today showcased two new options in the growing world of 3-D printing for the masses.

The first is a new app that lets you scan any object and create a 3-D model, called Fuel 3-D.  Can't begin to imagine all the copyright issues with this, but it certainly sounds interesting.  Needless to say, it's being funded on Kickstarter (how many trends can we combine).

Image courtesy of Springwise

The second is an offering from a Dutch company that focuses on a very tangible reason to engage with 3-D printing -- custom jewelry.  Zazzy, not to be confused with Zazzle, allows people who know how to use programs like SketchUp or Blender to submit their designs and receive custom jewelry within two weeks.

Image courtesy of Springwise

What do you think?  Are these types of offerings going to move the mainstream into adopting 3-D printing and transform us into the Corey Doctorow visions in Makers?

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