Monday, October 7, 2013

Innovation by Design Conference - NYC

On Wednesday, October 2, Fast Company held their first ever conference on Innovation by Design.  Three of us attended the conference and awards ceremony.  Here's what you missed:


Top 10 Moments of the Innovation by Design Conference:

  1. Nike CEO Mark Parker started the day with 5 lessons on Innovation by Design.  As a high school runner, he would cut up his sneakers to optimize them.  This inspired his first lesson which was 'Learn by Doing.' 
  2. We saw the largest beer infographic ever designed by the guys at Pop Chart Lab.  They discussed how to create the intersection between data, design and delight.
  3. We wore the Decelerator Helmet, which won an award as best concept.   
  4. The Oru team shared the Oru Kayak which is a portable folding kayak.  This almost became our checked-bag item on the way home.  
  5. Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts shared that during the re-design of their headquarters, they placed the design team on the top floor.  This sent a corporate message that design comes first.  
  6. Jawbone CEO demonstrated how wearable technology will go mainstream.
  7. Jill Nussbaum from the Barbarian Group coined the term 'design fiction' to describe predicting the future of design.  She felt that the user journey + future vision + FUI (future user interface) + simulation creates design fiction.  
  8. Ink Factory had an artist visualize every presentation into a giant whiteboard in real-time.  It was amazing to watch.
  9. Janette Sadik-Khan or the NYC DOT shared how innovation designed has transformed how we think about the streets of New York City.  She demonstrated the results of altering the streets for sustainable mobility in order to change the DNA of the city.
  10. There was a self-serve candy bar. All day.  

What do you think of the award category winners?

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