Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nest - Real Innovation

You don't think of smoke alarms as something innovative, but the innovative home product company Nest is changing that.  Nest has done what good innovators do -- they saw a problem, understood what the behavior causing it is, and developed a solution to solve the issue.

Let's be honest, smoke alarms haven't really changed in 40 or so years, except for the addition of the carbon monoxide detector. The humble and important smoke alarm is probably something you don't really have any kind of emotional connection to -- except when it goes off because you burned something in a pan and then have to find a broom to smack the darn thing to make it stop going off.

Nest has reinvented the smoke alarm to be a part of your house that you'll fall in love with and truly feel is protecting you and your family.

Key innovations in the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm:
  1. iPad/iPhone control
  2. Hands-free mute
  3. Specific verbal warnings
Let's start at the end and work backwards!

Specific Verbal Warnings:
When your smoke alarm goes off -- you have NO IDEA what is on fire.  With the additional Nest sensors your smoke alarm can tell you there's smoke in your bathroom, and it will do it with a voice warning -- not a screaming alarm.

Hands-free mute:
Let's assume that fire in the bathroom was really just a candle that got a little smoky.  No broom handle needed, you can just wave your hand and the alarm is reset.

iPad/iPhone Control:
If you are not home, your Nest Protect can even alert you to the problem on your phone!

One last thing that bears mentioning is the genius design.  Nest Protect even has motion sensor nightlights built in as an optional feature.  How slick is that!

So check out Nest Protect and see what you think.  Innovation or pure hype?

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