Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Social Media Tricks and Formulas

I don’t know about you, but I've always been interested in how much of business is about formulas. Knowing which transportation method to use during different points in the supply chain can save (literally) a truckload. Knowing the Present Value formula in finance can inform an investor if buying stock will provide a high return. And understanding Six Sigma can optimize any business operation. The same goes for marketing – if you know where to look! No, I’m not talking about ROI or Customer Acquisition costs (although those are important formulas too); I’m talking simple proven tricks to maximize viewers and engagement on social media. Below are a few “formulas” to maximize your marketing returns on social media and some of my favorite places to get more tricks!

·         Visuals work:
    o   Photo or Video posts are the most important posts for a company to use – Posts containing photos get 50% more likes than those that don’t include photos.
·         Timing matters:
    o   Saturday and Sunday have 17% more engagement than weekdays, and Tweets with #hashtags receive twice the number of engagement than those without
    o   The end of the week or the weekend are the best times to post on facebook
    o   Many users will be on Twitter during their commute time, or between 7 and 9 am!
    o   The most e-mails are opened between 2 and 5 pm, likely when people are getting off work. 
    o   70% of viewers read blogs in the morning, and Mondays are the highest traffic days for blogs
·         Ask for a RT:
    o   A tweets retweet rate increases by 12X when the tweet specifically asks viewers to RT or “Retweet”

For more fun stats, here are a few suggested places:

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