Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flipboard: Design & Functionality Utopia

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'Exclusive look at the new ipad app Flipboard'
courtesy of 'quintanomedia'

A classmate of mine from Skidmore College, Darren Herman, turned me onto the super UEX friendly AND functional iPad and iPod app Flipboard. The app connects your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and presents your connections/friends shared information in an easily accessible and, well, beautiful format. Additionally, Flipboard allows you to comment and share from the application and it provides the user with additional Flipboard curated content.

Is Flipboard the next step in making social media updated content and information sharing more relevant on the individual level? I don't know, but as a non-iPad holder, it sure presents a huge incentive to buy one and find out.

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  1. It's pretty slick, now that they've worked out their bandwidth issues. I think I actually like Pulse better, but I appreciate the efforts to innovate on the iPad platform.