Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MediaPost Publications FTC Considers Do-Not-Track List 07/28/2010

MediaPost Publications FTC Considers Do-Not-Track List 07/28/2010: "The Federal Trade Commission is considering proposing a do-not-track mechanism that would allow consumers to easily opt out of all behavioral targeting, chairman Jon Leibowitz told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Testifying at a hearing about online privacy, Leibowitz said the FTC is exploring the feasibility of a browser plug-in that would store users' targeting preferences. He added that either the FTC or a private group could run the system.

Leibowitz said that while Web users on a no-tracking list would still receive online ads, those ads wouldn't be targeted based on sites that users had visited in the past."


  1. I'm highly skeptical that the average consumer will be able to enforce this, or the industry will be able to devise a solution that can accommodate this. This would mean massive modification to the way cookies work, being they are often anonymous, and potentially remove the opportunity for personalization functionality that cookies facilitate.

  2. I know. It will be interesting to see what they actually do with this.