Monday, July 19, 2010

What do you travel with?

Butternut is traveling comfy this time. In the big purse, not strapped into the rolling bag!

I was walking down the jetway to get on my flight back from a client meeting in San Francisco, when I noticed the absurdity of how many gadgets I carry now. I carry this ridiculously huge bag, and people always wonder why. When I'm in DC, it's because I often carry two meals a day to work.

Of course, I also need room for my blackberry, iPad, Kindle, and a magazine when I travel. Oh, and you can't see my personal cellphone in there, too. The iPad (wifi) has mostly replaced my Bberry, but when I'm traveling it's handy to have anywhere access. Plus, you need to have the good old analog paper magazine for those 20 minutes per flight you have to turn everything off.

What. Is there something else weird in my bag? What's weirder than 3 gadgets?

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