Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rubbing It In Mobile Style

Day 224: Brett Favre action figure will not let you play with other toys.

I'm an avid College Football fan--go Mizzou!--so is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread.

Like most College Football fans, I'm constantly arguing and posturing about how good my team is. Of course, I'm usually arguing with another College Football fan who is in turn arguing about how their team is the best. It's really an endless conversation, because neither side is open minded, rational or impartial, and basically the "conversation" is all puffery.

Now with you can get the upper hand. The buyer chooses from a selection of "argument packages" that tailor your message (how fantastic your team is). The calls come from a live third party agent who has been trained in the art of arguing why your team rocks.

Why this is awesome and will work. 1) Your friend doesn't know the caller, so they're not expecting some random person to call and randomly assert your team rocks, 2) There's no opportunity for rebuttals, 3) The call can be anonymous so your buddy won't necessarily know you're behind the call, 4) It's a fantastic prank and it's cheap.


  1. Thanks Rebecca!

    We also do calls for pro sports too!


  2. Omgosh this is amazing on so many levels!! I'm trying this out immediately. I have so many people to punk - whoohoo!

  3. Wow. The level that this could mess with someone is rather incredible. When I had the "Snakes on a Plane" IVR call my brother-in-law he wigged out that Samuel L. Jackson knew he worked for the government.

    wait....may need to unleash this on my Tarheel other brother-in-law!!

  4. @Drew Does the sender get a recording of the call? Cause that would be amazing.

  5. I also love that one of the packages involves getting one call a day for 20 days leading up to the game...way to drive someone crazy!

  6. Rebecca,

    If you buy the 0.75 add on, you get a .mp3 recording of the call. This also includes 3 custom e-mails from us to your friend!