Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Movies Making Headlines

Yep, the Daft Punk video for the new Tron Legacy trailer just gives me a happy.  I'm a geek and proud of it.  Can't wait for the new Tron movie, and this trailer is the shizzzzz.

There is another movie coming out, I am much less excited about.  Since I remember Tron, I'm clearly too old to be able to appreciate Justin Bieber.  However the fact that his upcoming 3-D adventure produced this brilliant line of copy from almost makes it worth the 15 minutes we'll have to hear about it.
This thing comes out in February, so for your own sanity, you may want to avoid Twitter and Facebook that weekend. Somewhere, David Cassidy is laughing hysterically and Leif Garrett is crying profusely.
Since just know who both David Cassidy (*sigh*) or Lief Garret are dates you, I find that incredibly funny.

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