Friday, January 21, 2011

Life with no internet

Internet issues in the office have left us without any Web access for over a day now-- something about Verizon and AT&T and blah blah...but it's quickly made me realize how reliant we are on the Internet. Here's my to-do list from yesterday:
  • book flights and hotel for client meeting
  • blog
  • send revised deck to client
  • review creative from partner agency
  • send comments back to partner agency
  • research Boomer trends for 2011
  • enter goals for direct reports into performance review system
Clearly I couldn't do any of these tasks without Internet access. I couldn't receive things, send things, see things, learn things, act on things or even think about things without my precious Web access.

People kept stopping by with that confused and lost look, asking "how did people work before the Internet?" Which (as I think of it now) means that I wouldn't even have a job if it weren't for the Internet. How can you have digital strategy without digital? (insert sad face)...

In high school I worked at a bakery and we didn't need Internet for that. We took all orders and made supply calls over the phone, paychecks came on paper, and the cash register was old school, enter and Ding!...Prior to working at an ad agency, baking and coaching sports (also no Internet required) were my only job experience. So that's it, if the Internet doesn't return, I'm going to start a bakery and coach sports on the side...

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  1. Our lack of internet has not only denied us the ability to search for the cutest, fuzziest baby animals and watch the most ridiculous YouTube videos, but has also taken out our access to the servers where we, in good computer form, have stored all our work files. Best practices smactices.