Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broadband use reality check

Living in DC, it's easy to forget that not everyone has easy access to broadband and that a sizable percentage of Americans do not use the internet at all. A New York Times article highlights the reasons why broadband is still limited in rural America and the impact this has on daily life.

So the next time you think "how could anyone still use dial-up?" keep the following in mind.
  • Only 60% of households in rural America have broadband service - that's 10% less than urban households
  • 28% of Americans do not use the internet at all
For many living in rural areas, they lack a reliable service provider for broadband. For others, they do not see the value in going online. Unfortunately, the only way residents can interact with most public services and programs is through the internet, whether it's to make an appointment, submit a form, or gather information. So if rural households don't have broadband, they are at a severe disadvantage for engaging in the most basic activities.

Important reading for anyone who works in digital.

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