Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The New Facebook Fan Pages: Resources

The recent revisions to Facebook Pages have been all a buzz within the advertising and marketing industry. The new layout and features offer owners greater control over the content and functionality of their Pages, as well as the ability to extend their brand across the platform.

To help Pages owners, we've compiled a list of the best resources and advice on how brands, companies, organizations, etc. can/should utilize this new format to deepen their Facebook efforts. We'll be adding to the list as more resources/articles become available.

  1. Facebook Brand Page Revamp
  2. 3 Tweaks You Should Make To Your Business Page Now 
  3. What The New Facebook Pages Mean For Users/Owners
  4. Facebooks New Fan Page Features Cheat Sheet Facebook Victories And Missteps
  5. Facebook Pages Easier Brands
  6. Build Better Facebook Pages With iFrame Tabs

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