Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Kennedy Center - look at your Facebook page

When you hear of a Facebook flame war, Bristol Palin or PETA's attacks on Nestle spring to mind. But the sophisticated and revered Kennedy Center? No way! Well, DC metro area theater lovers took to the Kennedy Center's Facebook page to express their anger when they couldn't purchase tickets for "Wicked" due the online ticket portal crashing. Apparently the Ken Cen's online ticket site was overwhelmed soon after thousands of people logged on at 10:00 am yesterday to buy their tickets.

What's interesting is that the Kennedy Center has not responded to the fan postings on its FB page. This is a great opportunity for the organization to address what went wrong and acknowledge their customer's anger and frustration. If the Ken Cen ignores the postings, they risk losing patrons and looking like social media novices.

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