Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get your Internship on with Dii

Calling all digital marketing and graphic design students. Are you looking for an internship where you will not only get to do real work, but the organization is committed to helping you succeed post-graduation?

We're looking for amazing interns for the Fall and Winter.  If you are into digital marketing, then you'd need to be local in DC so you can work at our office. It's in Georgetown, right across from Baked and Wired. (NOM!) You'll work on real projects and get exposure around the WPP, Wunderman and Y&R Groups Network.  Among other things, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to our monthly publication, Perspectives, which regularly appears in the WPP Reading Room.  Here's an article that's been featured recently and was written by David BenBassett -- former intern who has a full time summer job with team.

If you are a graphic designer, and would like to intern with the Dii team then you could actually work from anywhere!  We'd love to have you here, but we're good with Skype, IM and a bevy of other virtual work scenarios.  This is a role specifically working with the Dii team, not the general creative team.  You'd be working on visualizing cutting edge research and helping us take all our publications to the next level.  You might even get to work on a presentation for SXSW.  If sites like http://visual.ly/ excite you -- then you are the kind of person we're looking for.

Ask the people who've interned with the team -- two of them are now full time with RTC.  Since the team is only two years old, we're doing pretty well.  All interns not only work on real client projects, but also develop a project of their own devising (with a staff mentor) and get the opportunity to present it to the staff.  It's a good portfolio builder.

We're looking for fearless people, who want to learn and build credentials.  You work for us, and we'll work hard for you.  Ideally, we're looking for people going into their Junior or Senior year of college, but skill and desire is the most important thing.  Digital marketing interns should be available on-site at RTC at least 3 days per week.

Post your links to LinkedIn, VisualCV, Behance portfolio, or whatever you've got in the comments or through About.me and let's get this rolling.  

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