Monday, March 26, 2012

Creativity and the Agency Brain

I'm a huge fan of the NPR show, On Being.  I loved it when it was called On Faith, but it's even more amazing since they have expanded their mission to explore the totality of the human experience -- not just religion.

This week's episode was called "Creativity and the Everyday Brain."  As someone who works in a creative environment -- especially one that is creativity on demand -- I found it super relevant and useful.  Just the section on the uselessness of the traditional approach to brainstorming was worth the hour of my life, but there was so much richness beyond that.

Do yourself a favor, and give an hour to really listening to it.  There's also lots of extras and goodies available on the website, as well as streams and downloads of the episode.   It's amazing how little people's who jobs are based around being creative understand how creativity works, even for themselves sometimes.

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