Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facebook's New Premium Ads -- Opportunities & Challenges for Marketing

Facebook recently launched a new advertising format that has creative, messaging, management and analytics implications for marketing on Facebook. The Dii team here at RTC has developed a POV on the subject which can be found on our slideshare account.

In general, the new Premium Ads take posts from a brand’s Facebook page and transfers the copy or asset into a new ad format which now appears on a users’ news feed. The new ads are more engaging and allow users to comment, like and interact with the unit; the new ads are also distributed to a greater Facebook audience than previously and come in a variety of formats. A key benefit of the new ads is the potential for greater analytics and consumer feedback.

As the new ads provide better, but different opportunities to engage with customers than previously, brands should be prepared to revisit their Facebook strategy, including what topics they are posting, what assets they are sharing on Facebook, their target audience and measurement strategy. Since the new ads also include open fields and more "socialization" of brand and user information, it is also important for marketers to take a look at their social governance documentation and consider any changes that are needed in regards to monitoring, responding and user privacy. In the POV, we have outlined all of these changes and corresponding implications, and have also included thought-starter action items for you and your company to discuss. 

For brands with highly regulated fields such as pharmaceuticals, there are additional considerations to discuss--the new format present some limitations and concerns over brand protection and user privacy in compliance with FDA guidance. In particular, transmission of page content (copy and creative) has changed, as well as who can see your ad and who can comment on it. The new ad formats also include open fields which Facebook users can add comments to (which raises concerns for Adverse Event reporting and Off-Label commentary). The new ads also expose user information to others on Facebook,which could be construed as releasing health information about a patient to a public. It’s important to visit all of these changes and discuss any modifications needed to maintain FDA and corporate compliance. 

The Dii team here at RTC are experts in the field of Pharma and digital FDA compliance. We have written a separate POV which outlines all of the changes and corresponding implications, including possibly action items, specific to the Pharma category.

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