Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools 2012

April Fools Day has turned into an official geek holiday over the past few years.  I think the geeks, myself included, look forward to the annual Google, ThinkGeek and other jokes as much as some anticipate Superbowl™ ads.

Google didn't disappoint this year with multiple gags, and neither did ThinkGeek.  I know RTC's head of project management must have been clicking on that Inflatable Captain's Chair and cursing the gods for it not being real -- yet. I laughed and then cried when I saw the Keurig K-cup 5 Star meals at ThinkGeek, mostly because it requires a knowledge of what the heck a k-cup is and that is only reinforcing the harsh truth that my world has become a Dilbert cartoon.

Google Tap was probably my favorite Google gag, just for the unexpected use of the awesome-in-anything LL Cool J.

The dark horse this year was from Kodak -- a company not usually known for its cutting edge sense of humor. Their "print live kittens" home page was pure genius, whether you've heard of 3-d printers or not.
Kodak gets a sense of humor for April Fools!
So many people seemed to be checking this out that it crashed the Kodak blog!

What was your favorite this year?  Here's a look back to what caught our eyes last year.

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