Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Customer Journey Mapping

Paul Hagen from Forrester led an interesting webinar on the subject of customer journey mapping.  In this presentation he gave an overview of the key components to mapping out a customer journey.  Hagen defined a customer journey map as a means for illustrating the customer processes, needs and perceptions throughout their relationship with a company, basically it helps you walk in the shoes of customers. His presentation explained that these exercises are more than just documents; they are an opportunity for broad communication sharing and for identifying specific areas for improvement.  Whether focusing on customer emotions, performance or building a hypothesis, Hagen stated that the basic five steps of included: insights, hypotheses, research, analysis and map.  Since marketing is driven by the consumer, it is vital that we understand the full consumer experience. Only then can we comprehend how to advance and improve upon it.

RTC has a robust Customer Experience Mapping practice that leverages unique insights and analytical expertise to evaluate a customer journey from point A to B, involving brand and customer perceptions, senses and behaviors along the journey. If you’re interested in learning more about RTC’s Customer Experience practice,  we’d love to share our thinking with you. Please reach out to Anne Wolek to learn more (

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